Want to Make an Impact?

Our next project is in support of the St. Joseph Catholic Primary School in Southern Nigeria. 

December 2022 we completed phase 1 of our plan by installing the school’s first water-based toilet system (a 5-stall bathroom to replace the school’s current pit toilets)!

Our Plan for Phase 2:

  • Repair school facilities (i.e., fix collapsed classroom ceilings)  
  • Provide educational resources (i.e., books for the school library).

If you’re looking to change the lives of 200+ children, watch the video to learn more and click the button below to donate.



Spring 2022 Highlights

Uniform Distribution for 250 Students

In November 2021, we met with the principal of St. Joseph Catholic Primary School to discuss the school’s needs. Located in the town of Ikono in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, the school has about 250 students that regularly attend. Since 2017, we have partnered with them to provide school supplies and uniforms. In that area, uniforms aren’t available in stores and have to be custom-made.

In December 2021, our team brought tailors to the school to collect student measurements and the project commenced. Due to supply chain issues related to the pandemic, it took several months to finish the project. In February 2022, our team was finally able to deliver the uniforms to the students and they were pretty excited!

In 2022, we want to continue to support this school by installing a 5-stall bathroom and fencing the school grounds.

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One of Our 2020 Projects

We provided $2000+ in scholarships to students at

Hope Fountain School for the Deaf.


In Nigeria, an estimated 23% of the population has a hearing impairment. According to Asonye et al. (2018) the deaf community in Nigeria remains highly marginalized. Caring for children with this special need can be particularly difficult for families in impoverished communities. This understanding led us to begin our partnership with Hope Fountain School for the Deaf in Lagos, Nigeria.  After visiting the school in June 2019, we learned that it only takes $250-350 to cover the school fees for 1 child to attend 1 academic year (which consists of 3 trimesters).

During our January 2020 outreach we painted the boys and girls dormitories and installed new bunk beds. We purchased more than a dozen mattresses, a new generator, and hundreds of toiletry supplies (i.e. dish soap, laundry detergent, menstrual pads, toothpaste/brushes, toilet paper, etc.). We had a new water tanks built and installed as well. Best of all, because of the support of our donors, we provided 10 students with more than $2000 worth of need based scholarships.

We look forward to providing annual need-based scholarships to students at HFSD. Click below to learn more.

2019 Project Highlight

Orphanage Reconstruction Project in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. In November 2018 we started fundraising for “Project Rebuild” with the hope to add a roof to the Priesthood Children’s Compassion Center, a deteriorating orphanage home in a rural community in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. However, because of the overwhelming amount of support we received, we were able to rebuild and transform the entire orphanage. Thank you to everyone who donated to this project! Your financial contribution made this project possible.

We Can Change Lives Together.