Our Approach


Through our “Adopt-A-Clinic” initiative, we partner with organizations, clinics and health centers that serve disadvantaged communities by 

  • Providing medical resources (BP cuffs, insulin needles, glucometers, wound care kits,  feminine hygiene products etc);
  • Facilitating health literacy workshops about disease prevention and management; and

Providing basic needs (food, shelter and clothing) to orphaned and vulnerable children.


Through our “Adopt-A-School” and “Adopt-A-Student” initiatives, we provide schools and individual students in underprivileged communities with

  • School materials including desks, book bags, teacher/student educational supplies, uniforms etc; 
  • Improved infrastructure (i.e. remodeling of facilities to support environmental safety)
  • Academic scholarships

Project Rebuild

In January 2019, we started our second phase of support to the Priesthood Children’s Compassion Center through “Project Rebuild.” This initiative focused on a multi-level rebuilding project at the orphanage that included construction of a new roof. Creating a safe environment remains a vital aspect of healthy growth and development of any child. Prior to the initiation of our project,  3/4 of the orphanage’s roof was incomplete. Despite the limitations in structure, the center used a partially covered common area for educational lessons, meal time and group meetings.

In the first phase of our support to the Priesthood Children’s Compassion Center, we installed a borehole water system onsite. This provided not only the center, but the surrounding community with clean water safe for drinking, cooking and bathing.

Our project management team successfully secured several contracts with local contractors in the community to work on each aspect of Project Rebuild. From cement block makers, to roofers, , to welders, masons, gate makers, painters, and electricians: this project truly brought to life the power of teamwork!

The project was completed in June 2019. Now, the center has covered a kitchen, bathrooms, and common areas with increased sleeping and education space for the children.

School Supply & Uniform Outreach 

We started our partnership with the St. Joseph’s Primary School in Ikono L.G.A, in Akwa Ibom State in December 2017. We learned about the needs of the school from one of our on ground NGO partners, Community Partners for Development. The school is on the outskirts of an impoverished rural community. We provided 50 students with brand new backpacks and school supplies. Our donation was given upon our first visit to the school. While present, we realized the need was greater than anticipated. We vowed to continue to support the school moving forward to meet some of the greater needs of the students.

In June 2019, we presented 100 custom sewn school uniforms to students, delivered school supplies for more than 220 students and provided faculty with much needed teaching supplies.

Feminine Hygiene Outreach

For Women’s Month 2019 and 2020 we provided feminine hygiene care kits to women at the New York Rescue Mission Shelter in downtown New York City! We’ve packed 100’s of hygiene care kits that include with pads, pantyliners, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bars of soap and other toiletries. In each kit we included a step-by-step Self Breast Exam card + a little note of encouragement. 


We first learned of the Priesthood Children’s Compassion Center in December 2017. After visiting the center, we discovered that both it and the surrounding community were critically impoverished. We assessed the areas of need at the center, and learned that the site did not have clean running water. Water was purchased and carried to the center from a far distance by staff. With limited financial resources, it was a challenge to bring enough water for drinking, cooking and bathing for the children cared for by the center. The scarcity of water not only jeopardized the wellness of the children, but delayed rebuilding projects for the center. It quickly became apparent that the need for clean water at the center was an urgent priority.

We at Be Well Foundation understand that water is an essential component to health and wellness. In many disadvantaged communities, basic necessities (i.e. food, water, adequate shelter) are difficult to obtain. The Priesthood Children’s Compassion Center provides a safe and nurturing environment to orphaned and vulnerable children in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The home serves as an orphanage for 20 children and a community center where more than 50 children from the community come for food and daily resources.  It has served as a safe haven for orphaned, neglected, and vulnerable children for more than 18 years.

As a result of the assessment, our first goal was to install a borehole water system to supply the center with a source of clean water. We partnered with a local pastor, Bishop John Uko Etukudoh, to secure contractors who specialized in borehole system installation. They built the system and customized it with the necessary components for sustainability. Construction was completed on March 26, 2018, supplying the center and dozens of families in the community with clean water.