According to the World Health Organization, a physical determinant of health for children is environmental stability. Without regular access to such basic necessities, it is difficult to access or impose education, which has been proven to be the most sustainable way for underserved communities to break the cycle of poverty. This is why we exist.


Be Well Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that works to serve poorly resourced communities across America and Africa to help break the cycle of poverty. By partnering with local organizations and individuals, we use a grassroots approach to directly meet the immediate needs of underserved communities as it relates to infrastructure, healthcare, and education.


From fundraising drives to rehabilitation projects, we create actionable strategies that provide food, clean water, adequate shelter, learning materials and more to those who need it most. To successfully pursue and complete these projects, we approach all communities with integrity, respect, passion, and efficiency, meeting their exact points of need to create a lasting impact that will improve their overall health, wellness and socioeconomic status.


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Our Mission

Improve the well-being of under-resourced communities through partnerships promoting health and education


Our Vision

We dream of a world where who you become isn’t stifled by where you are born. We believe that children in economically challenged environments can become the leaders of tomorrow if they have access to quality education, reliable healthcare, and a safe living environment. We understand that adults who are equipped and knowledgeable about nutrition, wellness, infrastructure, and the power of education live longer, become better citizens, and foster communities that go on to change worlds.    


At Be Well, we understand that access to the basics of life make room for larger opportunities, discoveries, and possibilities. Our vision is for underserved communities across the world to have an even playing field, so that they can determine those dreams for themselves. 

Our Values



We practice honesty and transparency to foster strong relationships within the communities we serve and lean on for support by openly sharing our processes, findings, executions, and results.


We believe that kindness should be reciprocal and exercised in every interaction.  Regardless of demographics, socioeconomic status or education level, we treat each and every community and partner with care and appreciation.


We value all resources and take pride in successfully allocating them to their respective projects, working diligently with our partners and community members to provide impactful change and improvements.  


We are fueled by the belief that change is a result of vision, purpose and dedication and view passion as the founding and finishing blocks for every project and goal we set out to achieve.