Project Rebuild 2019

This initiative focused on a multi-level rebuilding project at the orphanage that included construction of a new roof. The project was completed in June 2019. Now, the center has covered kitchen, bathrooms, and common areas with increased sleeping and education space for the children.

Ikono School Outreach

In June 2019, we presented 100 custom sewn school uniforms to students, delivered school supplies for more than 220 students and provided faculty with much needed teaching supplies. 

Feminine Hygiene Outreach

We assembled 100 hygiene care kits packed with pads, liners, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and bars of soap. We added step-by-step Self Breast Exam cards in each kit + a little note of encouragement.

Water is Life Project

We installed a borehole water system to supply the Priesthood Children’s Compassion Center (orphanage) with an on-site source of water source. Construction was completed on March 26, 2018, supplying the center and dozens of families in the community with clean water.