About Hope Fountain Schools for the Deaf


The first Hope Fountain School for the Deaf was founded on May 3, 2004, in Ijaiye, Lagos State, Nigeria. The founder, Mr. Anthony Nwokolo, also deaf, started the school on the basis that “whatever able bodied people can do, the deaf can do, if not better.”

The mission of HFSD is to give their all to provide the desired qualitative education for Nigerian deaf children so that they can become whatever they want to become in life. To build a school of distinction for the deaf in Nigeria and Africa, and leave a legacy for this and future generations of deaf people. To prove a point that there is ability in disability by systematically harnessing the innate talents, potentials and abilities of the deaf for national development.


School Programs and Facilities


They have the following classes:

  • Kindergarten/Nursery Class
  • Basics 1-6 classes
  • Junior Secondary 1-3 classes
  • Senior Secondary 1-3 classes
  • Vocational Training Classes (once a week)
  • Life Work Ready Program
  • Special Learning Disabled Class


The school also provides a free sign language class to families once a month.

The Be Well Agenda for January 2020:

– Provide scholarships for students in-need

There are 3 terms in the school year

Cost: Average 29,00 Naira per term (about $80)

– Provide various instructional materials tailored to deaf students

– Educational resources for families to learn sign language

– Upgrade the school’s dormitories (i.e new mattresses, bedding, toiletries, furniture, etc.)